Robot, gripper and control system.

Pallete handling.

VECTO can supply complete handling systems including robot, gripping tool and pallets.

Our handling systems for pallets can be based on rolling conveyors, transfer carriages and chain conveyors depending on the demands of the project.

The pallets can be positioned and fixed at the "fetch" and "drop" positions.

Our pallets are normally manufactured in aluminium.

Pallet loading with robot.

We can deliver complete transport systems including robots with gripper for loading or unloading pallets.

The transport systems in these applications are based on standard modules of rolling conveyors, chain conveyors and if applicable, turning tables and transfer carts.

VECTO can also offer pallet magazines for the stapling and unstapling of pallets.

Other applications.

Robots can very successfully be used in painting applications. VECTO has a very well established contact with the painting specialists at ABB.

As mode of transportation by painting applications one can preferably use roller and chain conveyors as described above. But one can use other conveyor solutions such as transfer carts that run on rails.

As an example of special applications that VECTO has delivered can be mentioned a completely atomised painting system for the heavy mechanic industry where each object weighs over 5 tons and has a diameter of 1,8 meters (6feet).

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